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Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a huge obstacle for anyone taking on a new project. It is human nature to be afraid. People are frightened of the unknown. I am not talking about spiders or snakes or dark places.  I am talking about taking the plunge and making the decision and investment, both financially and mentally, of starting your own online business.  I am amazed at how scared we are to talk to people about our business. We are especially scared to share our business plans with our friends or family.  We imagine the worst possible scenario…they tell us we are stupid, that it will never work, that we are going to lose all of our money, or that we should get a “real” job. Right? I stopped taking financial advice from broke people a long time ago. You should too!

Fear is a powerful emotion that can be crippling and debilitating for many people.

Let’s take a quick look at Fear:

  • Fear comes from the Greek word, ‘phobos,’ and it is classified as a negative emotion. Fear is a survival mechanism that is triggered when we sense impending danger, pain or evil.
  • Fear allows us to react to the situation by escaping, running, or avoidance.
  • An irrational fear is classified as a phobia, such as the fear of open spaces (agoraphobia) or the fear of long words (Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia)  Yep, it’s real. 🙂   They are termed irrational because they are fears should not trigger emotion, yet for certain people they feel the same fear you or I would if we were being chased by a bear.
  • When a person is enveloped by fear, certain areas of the brain are activated. This brings about the release of adrenaline and the increased flow of blood. It can also bring about increased faintness, nausea, sweating, rapid heart rate, tightening of muscles, increased blood pressure, sharpening of senses and dilation of pupils.


How to deal with Fear

Everyone feels fear…..yet so many push through and do it anyway, right?  What sets them apart from us?

  • They know what they fear will happen will most like not happen.
  • They recognize that it is just an uncomfortable feeling, not true fear.
  • They realize the cost of missed opportunities.  Fear of unknown will never be greater than regret, or the “what-ifs!”



  • They imagine worse case scenarios.  If I invest $200 into selling on Amazon and I completely fail, how long will it take me to recover?  Can I live with that?
  • They Take action.  By taking action you build self confidence and squash the fear.  Start scanning and selling some items and watch your confidence increase with each one.
  • They have a huge Why!  They have an unwavering desire to change their lives. They will not allow anyone or anything to stop them or crush their dreams.

Will you allow Fear to be the thing that holds you back?  Let’s make Fear the reason we become successful.  Let the FEAR of mediocrity or poverty be your motivation.  Let the FEAR of not living your dreams be your motivation.

 You are capable of whatever you decide to do, you just need to believe it.  Have an unwavering desire to change your life.

We can do this!! 



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