Expiration Date Best By Template for Amazon FBA


    You can download the template here:  BEST BY TEMPLATE!   For a more thorough explanation of expiration dates, please see my post: How to Label Products with Expiration Dates. 

Brands that are Restricted to Sell on Amazon FBA


My first experience with restricted products came when I was getting ready to list a TON of Bliss products I had sourced at TJ Maxx.  With a huge smile on my face, and dollar signs dancing in my eyes, I got busy adding them in to my inventory, only to discover that they were restricted. Read More →

FBA How To Videos from Amazon

FBA How To Videos from Amazon  Taking a few minutes to go through these videos will give you a little insight into the workings of Amazon and what they require from us as Third Party Sellers. Amazon expects us to be familiar with the requirements, procedures, and policies.  I have compiled a list of videos Read More →

5 Keys to Success in a New Home Based Business

Success in a new home based business isn’t about some complicated game plan…it can be simplified.  These five keys to success, if followed, can help you achieve your financial goals. It is not uncommon for new home based business owners to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they are just getting started. Everyone has struggles in Read More →

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is a huge obstacle for anyone taking on a new project. It is human nature to be afraid. People are frightened of the unknown. I am not talking about spiders or snakes or dark places.  I am talking about taking the plunge and making the decision and investment, both financially and mentally, of starting Read More →